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Experts who can write articles on a variety of topics related to home improvement, including but not limited to home improvement ideas, house renovation, home décor, security systems, and kitchen remodeling, are encouraged to submit their applications.

Who Is Capable Of Writing For Us?

You meet the requirements to write for us if you either have extensive expertise in the field of home improvement or the ability to generate excellent material that will offer value to our readers. Your content ought to have some connection to the overall concept of our website and a strong emotional impact on our audience.

Article Guidelines

By submitting your article to Centralcoastcoatings.com.au, you give us a complete license to use both the material and the photos that you have created. This indicates that we are permitted to utilize any information and photos across all of our social media channels, including our website.

If you want your article to be published on our website, you will need to fulfill the rules that are listed below.

  • The post must not be published anywhere else in the future without including a link back to the original post on our website 
  • Content must be written in the English Language and must be free from grammatical errors 
  • You are permitted one and only one do-follow link to your website, and it must be included in the author’s profile. Any required corrections will be done.
  • You should include a lot of keywords in your post if you want to maximize the likelihood that they will be found. We reserve the right to insert texts and links into the article as we see fit. However, you shouldn’t overuse your keywords in your content. Put more of an emphasis on providing value
  • Links to pornographic websites and other banned websites are not permitted 
  • Please follow these criteria very precisely to prevent your post from being rejected

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