The Dissimilarities Between Oil Painting and Acrylic Painting

There are many modes of expressing one’s thoughts. Art is one such form that is quite appealing to the eyes as well. There are different kinds of art and each differ in some aspects. This is because for ages there have been many developments involved in creating art forms. At present, the art mainly varies due to the materials used by the artists.  There is a lot of difference between the two mediums of art forms, acrylic and oil painting. Both art forms are quite attractive and possess distinct beauty.

There are many Russian artists well known worldwide for their art collection like Lana Zueva. She is a privileged painting artist, Russian by birth, but now a New Zealander is highly known for her oil paintings. Lana Zuvea painting collection speaks volumes about her work in New Zealand and abroad. You can visit her official website to know more about her commissioning artworks.

Oil Painting:

  • It is one of the oldest forms of painting adopted by many famous artists. This is because of its various attributes’ artworks done using oil paints are quite popular globally.
  • The colour pigment is dissolved in oils like walnut or linseed because the oil gives a glossier appearance once applied to any material. They are permanent colours and hardly fade away. A thinner like turpentine is used to reduce the thickness of the paint for easy painting.
  • They are mainly preferred for the excellent shining finish to artwork. The other attributes that make them a favourite choice of painters and artists are the availability of ample colours in different tones. The other factor is oil painting was the only medium to paint masterpieces in the early centuries as acrylic paints were yet to be discovered.

Acrylic Paints:

  • They are synthetic paints that can be used just like oil paints. It was designed to overcome some of the drawbacks of oil paint. It has similar attributes to oil paints however artists prefer its ability to dry faster. Thus, it is a hit with people who do not want to wait for the paint to dry.
  • It is easy to paint and thus suitable for beginners. However, it isn’t preferred by portrait artisans. One of the main disadvantages is that acrylic paint isn’t waterproof however the best advantage is that it can be applied on any surface as it spreads easily and evenly.
  • They are water-based paints thus the stains are easily washable. You need not worry of the place looking unclean.

Professional artists prefer oil paints even though they take time to dry as they remain intact for longer years compared to acrylic. Moreover, to work in detail oil painting medium is the best. Acrylic is mostly preferred to do the artwork fast and when there is a need to apply quite bright colours. There is no doubt that oil paintings are more expensive than acrylic paintings thus novice artists can start with the latter form of paint to curb expenditure. Many painters prefer both forms to portray their art exclusively.